discusses how cloud computing solves clustering problems, and I think on the app / web server front this is very relevant, however, on the database front Cloud computing is not really solving clustering issues. some clouds offer intermediate or half way solutions for databases, such as RDS or SimpleDB, but this isn’t really a full blown clustering solution for DB’s.

As far as I’m aware of, only one company today offers a true clustered database as a service on the cloud with reasonable costs and that is Xeround. Xeround’s technology is built for distribution and deployment on cloud environments and offers the most advances features such as high availability with all-master architecture, auto scaling of the database to more servers on a need basis with an advanced rule system, it is fully MySQL compliant and therefore easy to migrate to and from and write your application. Being an independent provider, it also has the advantage of being deployed on multiple clouds, now on Amazon and Rackspace, and additional cloud env’ to follow.