A monster with two heads in the clouds – “Virtualization” and “As A Service”

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized


It is difficult not to notice the two different directions in cloud evolution; two major approaches are evolving, two different ways to look at how application infrastructure should be built.

Virtualization centric solutions – in this approach, Cloud main function is to provide different provisioning and management services around servers virtualization.  Server images are key component in this approach. These images are deployed on virtual servers. This is the atomic deployment and management unit for the cloud. Applications provisioning is usually a set of images deployed on a number of servers. The virtualization infrastructure provides many of the enterprise level features such as high availability, replication of data, Storage allocation and management, and even in some cases scalability for the application. This approach evolves from the bottom up, starting by solving infrastructure inefficiency, server utilization issues, resource management etc’.

Service centric approach – The cloud is a bunch of high level services , for customers to choose from when developing and deploying applications. Data services, Platform services, Management services etc’. in this approach, different vendors offer a comprehensive framework for the application which includes everything needed for the application to run, all this usually wrapped in a friendly user interface, “shields” the customer  from all the underlying infrastructure (want more storage – move this slider, want more scalability for the application – slide the cluster size control higher). Great examples for this approach are Heroku, PHPFog etc’.

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